Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"A" is for...

Hey! Its me again... and look... it hasn't been weeks (or months) since my last post! :)

I've spent a few days thinking about what might be realistic goals/challenges and evaluating where I'm at.

Here it is in a nutshell: My overall eating isn't too terrible; it could naturally be better, but I've still been focusing on eating healthy foods most of the time (even if not in healthy amounts). My water consumption has become almost nonexistent. The same is true for exercise... though I did get out for some good "test" hikes/walks later in the summer its been far from routine. 

Since exercise seems to be the big issue that I'm struggling with... that's going to be my focus for the next month. Let's call it going  back to kindergarten or maybe even preschool... I'm going to focus on my ABCs and counting to 100!

In my world of exercise...

A is for Arms 
B is for Butt
C is for Core 


I will be counting to 100 minutes of cardio each week. 

More specifically... 

* Free weights and other arm strengthening exercises.
* Working up to 100 squats... I think I can do around 50 right now.
* Working up to 100 crunches... right now I'm pretty spent after about 30.  
* Completing 100 minutes of cardio each week... either in the gym or walking outdoors depending on the weather.

And because I'm going back to kindergarten I must have a reward system, lol. One star/sticker per item, per day... 50 stars/stickers earns me a pedicure (yes, I used to get them religiously but I haven't been making the time for them in the last year. I miss them.). 100 stars/stickers earns me a new piece for my fairy collection. 

I'll also be working on drinking more some water. I would imagine that increasing my activity level will help the water become a natural part of my days... at least that's the way it used to work for me. 

This will be challenging for me and I will definitely need to be held accountable... DAILY. 
But, I think it is a challenge I can handle... especially since I can do the ABCs even if my ankle is having fits and 100 minutes of cardio isn't that much. Really, I think the challenge will be more in my head than in my body on this... getting my mind to prioritize this as it should and to make the time for me will be the true challenge. I've gotten so used to putting myself on the back burner... its definitely time to change that... AGAIN!

I'm looking forward to making progress in this lovely fall month of October! 


  1. I'm going to read this over again when I get home, but I think I may try and join you in this! I just proposed a BOOBS-style challenge on my blog, but so far only one person seemed interested. Maybe we can ban together and figure out a fitness challenge! This is sounding good!

  2. haha!! I just realized you're the ONE replier!! Lets do this! I'm in! I'll figure out your outline when I get home!

  3. You just made me open the bottle of water that's been sitting on my desk all morning! I used to be so good at water, what the heck happened. We could all use the reminder I guess.
    Great plan!

  4. how are you doing on your goals so far? Just asking because I know it helps sometimes to know that others are paying attention and rooting you on! :)

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